Web Development – Paid Surveys

Over the last few months I have been googling different ways to make money online. I am a student and I needed some extra cash to help my family with my tuition fees. So today I am going to share some actionable info about the myth on how to make money with paid surveys and its possibilities. The first thing I would like share is that I have never ever seen this much hype in any other niche.

web-development_websiteMost of the websites claim to pay even up to 50$ per certain surveys. I signed up and tried few paid survey companies over the past two months and The highest payout surveys so far I have encountered is about 10$. This is not bad but clearly it does not go with the hype that anyone can earn 100-200$ a day, working for just 1-2 hours a day. Another funny thing is that I have seen a lot of forums posts and blog comments claiming that paid surveys is a total rip off. The most common comments revolves around the sentence “I have received a lot of survey emails and once I click and start answering BOOM. I get a message that I don’t qualify for this survey”. But the real truth is that, if we dig into their problems, it’s actually their fault.

 surveymmmIt has nothing to do with the survey company. Over 98% of them did not give the most accurate information when they were completing their profiles. The general rule of thumb is that “to make more money you have to complete more surveys” “And to get more surveys you have to do 2 simple things” “sign up in more survey websites and add more information on your profile to get more survey invites. Adding more details might increase the number of surveys you receive but the real truth is that you will lose your valuable time when you try to complete these surveys and at last you will be told you don’t qualify.

Another interesting thing about paid survey is that most of the people who try out paid surveys are super lazy guys who don’t know that money doesn’t grow on trees and one of the hardest thing to do is to make money. After seeing all the hype in this industry people just think that after working for just 1 hour they can make 100s of $ every day. But all most all except the 1% of the guys who are successful in this method give up when they notice that they have to sign up in at least 30 survey websites, answer to all the questions that come up when they work on their profile. Well that’s a lot of startup work, but they don’t understand that if you don’t work here, you have to work hard somewhere else.

app To get something, you have to work hard somewhere. Clearly paid surveys do not go with the hype, that after just answering four survey questions a day, you will make two hundred dollars a day, but if you are only looking for a small, additional source of income to support your main income stream, then paid surveys is the best option for you. I joined about 40 survey websites and I received about 650 survey offers so far. On that experience I can confidently say that a person can make 400-600$ a month if he is ready to work 2-4 hours a day.